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What is Sleep? Sleep, when it is not disturbed, is a deep restful state where the brain and body are at rest. In humans, this state is typically achieved through the process of dreaming, which is the natural way to fall asleep. There is no reason to wake up in the middle of a dream, so it is not strange that dreams are a key component of sleep. It also explains why we dream so much. If you were to take away the dream, then there would be no need for sleep at all. In fact, some researchers claim that we dream because we are at sleep. Some people use "naps", in which the mind is active for several hours, during which time a person will not be able to recall a dream, thus preventing them from experiencing the full experience. This is not a very effective way to achieve restful sleep. However, people are often told to stay up late, and this may be particularly helpful if you are already asleep.

Some people use pills that have stimulants in them, which will stimulate the body so that it is able to sleep more easily. Some people believe that this medication will make you sleepy, but is not effective at all.

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Melatonin Plus

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